Wednesday, December 26, 2018


7 tips to get the best prices of translation

Do you want to save in your fees? We tell you how to do it:

Requests a specific budget to compare. It is usual to tell you the price per word, but keep in mind that there are other ways of charging: page, line or even character. In addition, this price can be calculated on the source language or of the target language. Depending on how it is applied, there may be up to 40% difference in certain language combinations, as German-Spanish.
Consider what level of quality need. Same agency can offer different prices for different qualities of translation - revised, without checking, machine translation with post-editing, etc.-.Choose according to the purpose of the text, since it does not require the same quality text for personal use with the sole purpose of being able to understand it, a document that will be published and broadcast your company's image.

Don't pay twice the same: working with companies that use translation. There are applications that automate part of the process and create translation memories - database containing segments already translated text-. The memories are useful for repetitive texts and to update existing documentation. You don't pay more than necessary and leverages significant bonuses for reuse of segments that offer the Professional translation companies ! We recommend that you purchase all translations for a language combination to the same agency, so get the most out of memories. For a specific order, you can agree you prioritize translation rate cheapest word - within the professionalism-. For ongoing projects or repetitive texts, your savings will be discounts by repetition and the company offering you more advantages in its form to apply them.
Prevents the translation to the last moment. A professional translator translates on average between 2,000 and 2,500 words per day - not counting repetitions-. If the deadline is too tight and to divide the document between several translators or work at night time and weekends, you can generate additional costs, especially if it requires a high level of quality.
Please do not send unfinished documentation or complete separate modifications and forgotten fragments. Orders for very short texts applies a minimum rate for expenditure management. This can lead to an unnecessary increase in prices, which could be avoided easily by joining all the texts and sending the final version in one order.
Sends files that you can edit. Editable files help to reduce or eliminate costs of layout. There are many formats that can be overwritten, are always better than an image or a PDF. Before choosing a format, learn more about whether our translation tools can process it! We will advise you!
Writes to translate. To take advantage of translation memories, it is very convenient to take care of the quality of the original texts and use a controlled language when writing. You want to know what is? Download our guide write to translate !
The cheap can get expensive: spend money to get a literal translation with poor quality means, in the best case, lose much time in the review and, at worst, having to retranslate urgently at a higher price.